اداروں نے غلط فیصلوں سے اپنے آپ کو بڑانقصان پہنچایا ہے،بند کمروں میں فیصلے نہیں ہوسکتے،فواد چودھری

3 Reasons To Invest in an Aluminum Tool Box Instead of Steel

If you look at two Ford Mustangs standing next to each other, it will be much harder for you to notice the difference between the two. Just because they have identical wheels, tinted glasses, and leather shades does not mean that they are the same from all aspects. When you take a look at the specifications of each vehicle, the differences will become quite clear to you.

3 Benefits of an Aluminum Tool Box

An aluminum toolbox can be greatly beneficial for you whether you have a tractor or trailer. You can buy these products from a lot of manufacturers, but it is better that you buy from one that offers tool boxes made of aluminum. In this article, we are going to discuss the primary benefits of these boxes.

How You Can Break Barriers to Growth and Become Opportunity-Ready

When you create mental barriers, it interrupts your own development and this is what prevents you from being ready for new opportunities. As an educator and career coach I have used the phrase opportunity-ready to not only refer to the future career opportunities which may come your way, but the opportunities that are available now within your existing career. For example, I am always concerned with my well-being and state of mind as an educator, knowing that I want to be opportunity-ready for my employer, ready to accept the challenges and opportunities which are a natural part of the position. You can also develop this same state of mind when you breakdown any barriers to growth that are present now.

Parenting Marathon!

It gets better with age. The more we do it, the better it becomes. Hang in there. You are making a difference.

Do We Need to Make More Effort to Keep the Romance Alive?

Have you been in your relationship so long that you feel there’s no need for those ‘little touches’ to keep romance alive? Yet those touches keep the flames flickering and sustain us through the mundane and routine times in everyday life. We may not ‘need’ that card or bunch of flowers but it certainly can make us smile to be thought of with affection. What are some other ways to keep the romance alive?

When You Need to Take a Break

These past few months have been an exhausting, emotionally draining time for many of us. Coping with upheaval and uncertainty whilst trying to remain positive, upbeat and maybe professional has been a massive ask of everyone. There are times when you need to take a break. Not a holiday, or a night out with pals, but a simple time out, recharging break. Flopping in your armchair might be fine occasionally, but done long-term it’s counter-productive and can result in you feeling lethargic and flat. When you need to take a break here are some positive suggestions.

“The Reason For Evil In The World Is That People Are Not Able To Tell Their Stories”

When I heard the quote above by Carl Jung, I had a clear idea about what he was talking about. My interpretation of what he said is that unless someone is able to talk about what they have been through, they will end up harming others.

“Shame Is A Soul Eating Emotion”

While I was looking through some of Carl Jung quotes, one that stood out was ‘”Shame Is A Soul Eating Emotion”. When I saw this, it reminded me of something that I said about toxic shame a number of years ago.

Those Used To Be the Days

Being limited as to travel and outside activities can sometimes get rather boring. You can be inactive only so long, and then you get in that car that drives you to crazy land. Finding something to do to keep me from being bored has become somewhat of a challenge. However, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage can always find something to do, especially something for me. That is why every day I “act” as if I am busy. I think I ought to get some Emmy award for that because I am a rather good actor. I have had a lot of practice. Not only that, but my hearing is not very good. Therefore, when my wife asked me something, I pretend that I am busy and cannot hear her. I think she has caught on to my acting skills here. There goes that Emmy.

Sexual Insults, Bullying & Habitual Harassment

Sexual insults, name calling & sexual harassment. Women need to understand the nature of male sex drive. Male propaganda telling women they should want sex.

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